Yet again, it comes to the point that I must pack up an leave. My journey continues on. San Francisco was a stop en route to Boston, just as UCSF was a stop en route to MIT. (I’ve been in biotech cities, come to think of it.)

This time, packing is much easier. I have much less gunk than before. My life has been much more streamlined and digitized, save for a few nooks and crannies.

Throughout the process, I have realized one thing, confirmed in a blog post on the Zen habits blog: experiences > possessions. The way I see it, possessions are but a tool – a tool for bringing new experiences or making a continuing one enhanced further.

I hope that in the following years, I don’t fall into the possessions trap, but rather that I come to create shared experiences with my friends and, God willing, my mom and brother as well, for I think we’ve had one to few together.

I diverge. Packing, as a result of being streamlined, has been made much easier. Digitizing paperwork, much of which I hardly access anyways, lightens a ton of a load. Add in a few other hacks to make packing more compact, and that makes for a simpler move.

What have I left to pack? No, I shan’t post a laundry list here. Clothes, computer, and perhaps one or two kitchen implements I’ve inherited, and that concludes it.

And yet again, a post on some practical life matter becomes an excuse to write about philosophical thoughts instead.