School has started

It’s been a while since I last had the chance to write up here. School has started, things are ramping up, and I’m finding quite a lot less time to do writing like this.

Since this is my first year back in school after a year and a half hiatus from being in a learning community, and because I’ve got at least 4 years here in total, I decided to spend the first year exploring around, to see what opportunities lie awaiting, and what opportunities I might be able to help create.

MIT $100K Competition

It’s an entrepreneurship competition. But for now, I’d like to get back into the teamwork groove by helping out with the organizational side of things, rather than do any actual entrepreneurship work. Things are looking positive here.


Thesis project idea has been defined, I’m essentially taking on color bacterial photography. It’s a “handed-to-me” project, but I’m trying to anticipate ways I could work with others, as well as potential problems that I would need to solve that would help advance the field forward. We’ll see how that goes.

Korean Classes

Apparently there are Korean language classes offered for free here! No word on the location yet, so no confirmation that it’s actually on, but I’ll hope to hear back from the instructors/organizers on this.


iGEM remains in full force here, and after talking with a few guys in the Weiss lab, I think it’s something I’d definitely explore, after 1st year ends, of course.


Badminton, biking, basketball. It’s time to get back into shape. The past week I’ve played bball twice, and though it really showed how unfit I am right now, it was real fun to get back into running around, thinking strategically on the court, and shooting some hoops. Once my rackets come, I’m totally going to play some badminton as well.


Looking forward, the coming year certainly looks like it’ll be exciting, including classes of course, which I guess I will have to try to make my way through. That is the one part of school work where I think I will most certainly be depending working through things with my fellow classmates.