A Semester Gone!


What else can I say, but wow?

It’s been a whirlwind ride here at MIT during my first semester. Looking back, the last entry I wrote was at the beginning of semester, and only now, at the end of the semester, do I have the chance to write up something.

Back at the start of the semester, when things were a little lighter, I took stock of a few things I wanted to do in school throughout the first semester. Here they are:

  • MIT100K
  • Thesis
  • Korean Class
  • MIT iGEM
  • Sports

This, on top of regular school work of course.

Granted, school work did eat up a lot of time. But things have become clearer in the past semester as to how things will pan out for the coming semester.


I’ve moved from web team member to web team lead + marketing member. It’s been quite an interesting journey along the way. I’ve had the chance to converse with many Sloanies, and they bring a very different type of energy to the table. I really enjoy working with the 100K crowd, and I’m looking forward to continued involvement until the Business Plan Competition.

More importantly, I’ve learned quite a lot about business from an outsider’s lens, and I realize that a lot of it is commonsensical, except that in the excitement of doing a startup, perhaps one may lose sight of that common sense. Of course, that’s the theorist inside me speaking; if I were to one day get involved in a startup or industrial management work instead, perhaps my perspective might change.


…is more or less defined! And I have made more inroads into advancing the project further. Bacterial color photography. This IAP I will be beginning the first cloning steps to assemble the DNA, and with the 2nd semester around, I think I will be in the lab more often. This will mean balancing my studies better; in particular, making sure I’m reviewing the material right after each class rather than darting off.

Korean Class

1 hr 30 min every week, and then a drama episode or two when I have time, and I think I have made much progress in listening and understanding Korean. But my vocabulary is much too weak, and my confidence much too low, to be able to string together a sentence. Hence, I’m looking forward to moving onto the Intermediate level classes. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some progress here.


I’ll take Chris’ suggestion and keep my involvement low until I pass quals. This year might not be the year for me to step up just yet.


In this area, I haven’t done so well. During the semester, there were times when I went swimming, biking, and playing badminton, but there were stretches where I was too tired to go for it, or it was too hassle-some to go, or… okay, enough of the excuses. Basically, my primary care physician @ MIT Medical says I should have a 500 cal difference between intake and output, with intake < output, to lose weight properly, and I no longer have an excuse for being this much overweight. The coming semester is a time when I think I’ll raise my game more. I hope to go for more regular badminton games now, starting from tomorrow’s badminton game with Ian.