Ever since there was a carpet refresh in our Tang Hall rooms, and we had to do a mid-stay mini-move (i.e. packing out all our things and moving it outside into the living room), I decided I’d try out Leo Babauta’s minimalistic style of living, keeping as few possessions as possible.

In order to reflect this, I have decided to keep my refreshed website as minimal as possible, especially in terms of page structures. As much as I can, I will keep things as blog posts, with little put into pages. And any content that can be not duplicated, such as my CV (which is already on LinkedIn), I will not duplicate.

Let’s see how this experiment goes…

One thought on “Minimalism

  1. Interesting. Yup, modernistic living can be enslaving as it is enabling with all the material possessions. I believe your experiment will be successful as it aligns with a lot of great thinkers who advocate that genius is in simplicity.

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