Chat with Virgil

Virgil popped by today. Unfortunately, because of the amount of emails flying around yesterday, I missed out on the notification that his lab meeting was going to be at 12PM, not 1PM. (It’s a brain hack of mine – I notice numbers better than words. The notification said “noon”, not “12PM”, so I completely didn’t register it. I need to change.)

That aside, I managed to catch up with him. The last time we chatted, he was looking towards new challenges when his current project is over. This time round, I shared a bit about what grad school has been like, and the many lessons I’ve been learning.

Having cancelled all experiments this week to take a step back and think a bit, I realized I’m probably a little stretched out too thin on my workload. For me, research work demands a lot of “continuous time”, and being involved in the $100K, THRA, class work, service in church in many different ways takes up a lot of fragments of time scattered throughout each day, and it takes effort to resume. Now I understand when Chris said he prefers to be booked for 1-hour blocks rather than 15-minute blocks, even if we only need 15 minutes with him.

Also, he shared an aspect about reading and catching up on information. Taking notes – and I think in my case, it means copious notes – while reading, highlighting important methods, facts and logical flows, and identifying the flaws and weaknesses in the papers. Skills I haven’t developed well-enough just yet.

Much to learn!