One Year with the MIT$100K

One (academic) year with the MIT$100K has passed!

Congratulations to CloudTop for topping the tables at the BPC Finale yesterday night, taking home the Robert P. Goldberg grand prize worth $100,000!

As for myself, I was involved as part of the Audio/Visual crew running the show. It was a really cool experience, starting from setup to getting the headsets to communicate with each other on the A/V crew. We had a run-through, in which we were basically rehearsing the back-stage elements to control music playback, following which we had a high-energy, clearly communicated and well-coordinated actual run. It was tense at times – changing orders, or adding/cutting music where not previously rehearsed – but kudos to the team for keeping in communication all the way! I also didn’t expect the applause after the 2nd video I had produced, and I thought that was a small pleasant validation of my ability to produce videos.

Can’t wait for the post-mortem meeting. 1 year with the $100K – it’s been a blast!