Qualifying Exams Coming!

Tis an exciting time right now! Though it’s a bit tense too.

Qualifying exams are coming up. I’ve been doing a study group with a small group of my ABS (Applied Biosciences) classmates in BE. We opted for a group of 5 to keep the studying efficient, and after 4 sessions now, I think we’ve come to develop a sense for how each other works, which is really helping our efficiency. At different times, each of us organically ‘takes the lead’, which allows for the discussion to move through without one person being fatigued.

I think the nicest part about all of this has been how organic the process has been. We’re building a consensus revision method as we go through the material, and iterating as we go along to figure out, sometimes based on experience and sometimes based on first principles, what our next step would be. Doing it as a group makes the whole process of studying for the quals less intimidating than it would be doing it alone, and having a group is somehow encouraging and motivating as well. Not exactly sure why, but it is.

Countdown 8 days to June 4!