Another post about being in 2nd year…

No, it’s not about plans for the coming year.

Rather, as I sit in Sebastian’s Cafe in the Broad Institute, having reworked a good proportion of my slides for group meeting, I’m reminded yet again how lucky I am to be at MIT to pursue graduate studies.

Timing, place, people. All of it converged and dovetailed so nicely during my undergraduate career @ UBC that I eventually managed to join the BE program here, coming in even with a formal rejection letter and acceptance letter in the same application cycle in the same year.

Chris mentioned back at last year’s SynBERC Spring retreat about the importance of networking, leaving good first impressions, and interacting professionally. It’s my hope that I can do this well; sometimes I have doubts about my ability to do so.

I definitely owe it to a lot of people to be where I am here. To my mentors back @ UBC who opened doors along the way; to Chris for letting me join his lab; to everybody in the Voigt Lab for their mentorship; to my classmates for going through the 1st year curriculum together; to the other professors here @ MIT for sharing what they know.

This coming lab meeting, being the first of my 2nd year, somehow has much more importance attached to it compared to the other two I have given. For one, it is the first time I am talking on circuits rather than a crazy, whacky-out-of-this-world project in the lab. For another, it’s like a review session for my performance over the 3 months this summer. And here I’m hoping it’s enough.

I’m hoping this group meeting will go well. I’m also hoping that the momentum I’ve gathered over the summer will continue to snowball into the coming two semesters, as I gear up for thesis proposal writing, TA-ing for that one month in October, and classes next semester.


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  1. Hey Eric!
    It was great catching up with you the other day! How did your group meeting go?
    I’ve started a blog where I’m posting as much of what I’ve learned from classes, seminars, etc. I’d love to have you in the discussion!

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