As you may have noticed, I’ve tried my hand at Python coding.

My first try was the Gibson Assembly Primer Design Automator, which I had used for batching the design of constructs. It was essentially a set of scripts that let me work with CSV files (which I edited in Excel), so the code was ugly and ad-hoc, but it worked.

I’ve gotten back in the Object-Oriented Programming mode now, which I first learned with Java. Admittedly, I was a tad intimidated when I saw the somewhat ‘weird’-looking code, with the underscores in method names (e.g. __init__(self)). But picking up a book (it’s FREE and available online) on a topic called complexity, titled ‘Think Complexity’ by Prof. Allen B. Downey was, I felt, a great way to get back into the OOP fold with Python.

My code is uploaded on GitHub, and as I complete more exercises in the book, I’ll be uploading more code.