A Small Thought on the Apps World

The fact that there are two dominant OSes in the mobile world is a great thing. It does cause some headaches for developers and users. Which model does a dev go with? Hosted, cloud-based? Or local? IMO, the hosted, cloud-based way will be the way I hope the future goes. Most of the software I use now is of the cloud-based model, which means as long as the UI is re-written for another platform, I can still access the same content and information that I had stored earlier. That said, this is probably easier to do for information (aggregation, management and display) systems (Evernote, Runkeeper, YouVersion), but harder to do for games – although Blizzard has done a good job with the Starcraft 2 implementation.

The platform makers (Google, Apple) have an incentive to keep monetary things local, though, and to enable as much in-app purchasing and subscription, where the proven money is… though if a dev is smart and capable enough, keeping that away from the local interface should be easy.

Alrighty, ramble ends here.