Two ideas for using Evernote’s tagging productively

I have heard about Evernote’s tagging feature, and how one can use it effectively. I’d like to share two ways that tagging has helped me keep my stuff in order. (These aren’t the only ways to do it – there are a myriad of creative uses for tags!)

1. Keeping track of people associated with work/ideas

I use tags with a “#” placed before it, and then append different people’s names to my notes. For example, if I am taking notes on a discussion between myself and a colleague, at some point, I will tag the note with “#<Colleague’s Name Goes Here>”. That way, when I am looking for notes associated with a particular person, I can easily restrict the search terms by having the “#” symbol before their name.

2. Creating temporary “folders” for meetings and for archival

I use tags with “YYYYMMDD <meeting name>” to in preparation for a meeting to gather notes that may be scattered across a number of notebooks under one name space (to borrow a programming term). I try to limit the number of notes to about 6-7, so that I don’t end up scrolling through a whole bunch of other notes. Evernote is also good about providing a list of “related notes” as well, so that helps in limiting the number of notes that get tagged. The tag gets placed temporarily in the shortcuts area, and when it’s meeting time, it’s all at my fingertips. I also keep the tag archived under a “master tag” called “meeting notes”, for archival purposes.