hiveplot 0.1.0 on PyPI!

I am happy to announce that I have made my first Python package and uploaded it to PyPI!

This package is called hiveplot, and its sole purpose is to generate Hive Plots from network data. The API is simple – once the data are prepared, it is a single function call to generate the hive plot.

Hive plots were conceived by Martin Krzwynski of the BCGSC, but for the longest time, code to draw hive plots were only available in R, Java, Perl and JavaScript. Even Python-based drawing of hive plots required the use of d3.js. I wanted everything in pure Python – and since I had a need for hive plots myself, I built the package to suit my needs.

By design, I have implemented everything in pure Python, using only the simplest of Python data structures (lists & dictionaries) and a minimal number of dependencies (numpy and matplotlib). A simple tutorial is also available on the repository page.

Tests are currently not available; I am preparing figures for publication right now, and have yet the time to do so, but if contributors would like to help me set this up, I would welcome this as well! (It would also be a learning experience for me.)

I hope you enjoy the package and the aesthetically beautiful hive plots that come out from your work with this package :-).

And here is a hive plot made using hiveplot with data from my own work:


Links to:

  1. PyPI page
  2. Github repository page