Dividing People into Small Groups with Python

In our Bible Study small group, I have found through empirical observation that when the group size is large (>5 people) and homogeneous (all guys/girls, all believers, all Bible study leaders), Bible study tends to be either too flat or too chatty, too boring or too distracted, and all-round just not beneficial for learning. On […]

PyCon Tutorials (Days 1 & 2)

In a flash, the PyCon 2016 tutorials are over! My session on network analysis was on the first day, in the morning. Overall, things went smoothly, and because of the competency level of the class, I was able to cover all of the material, including the ones that we usually don’t have enough time to […]

Portland, OR

Now, my first thoughts on Portland… It’s a lovely city, not unlike Austin but without Austin’s heat and humidity. Very biker friendly, and the public transit beats Boston’s hands-down. The TriMet, as they call it, is modern, clean, efficient, and cost-effective. The residents here did a great job investing in communal infrastructure early on. It’s […]

PyCon 2016

Stage 2 of the conference tour starts today. I am at Logan right now, waiting for the JetBlue flight to Portland, OR, for PyCon 2016. There, I will be delivering a tutorial on network analysis, as well as help Allen Downey TA his Computational Statistics tutorial (assuming enough people join in). I hope to see […]


I had a ton of fun delivering a workshop on network analysis fundamentals at ODSC East yesterday! This is my bullet-point journal version of my thoughts over ODSC East. Learned a ton from Bang Wong (of the Broad Institute) and Mark Schindler (of GroupVisual) about DataViz & User Experience (DVUX). Didn’t expect that the workshop […]

New funding from the Broad Next10!

(As is now become somewhat habitual, I’m reporting a week late to get some clarity in thought.) Really humbling and yet exciting week last week. With my colleagues Tony and Jared (Blainey lab) at the Broad, we won a $40,000 Broad Next10 (Bn10) grant to conduct exploratory and hopefully “catalytic” experiments to develop influenza polymerase […]