Dividing People into Small Groups with Python

In our Bible Study small group, I have found through empirical observation that when the group size is large (>5 people) and homogeneous (all guys/girls, all believers, all Bible study leaders), Bible study tends to be either too flat or too chatty, too boring or too distracted, and all-round just not beneficial for learning. On […]

Music Transposition

Today, I spent a few hours hacking away at the problem of automatically transposing song sheets into other keys. I’m pretty sure software already exists that does this, but I wanted to do this as an academic exercise, to see if I could come up with a markup language specification, and write a parser for it. I […]


《無愧心》安徽一弟兄在生活各層面上對主的存心具體地描述出來,彼此互勉。 跟主就要有信心,為主侍工盡忠心,終生信靠獻身心。 禱告交託有誠心,聚會禮拜要熱心,聽道唱詩要專心。 熱心愛心奉獻心,弟兄姐妹要關心,主內團契憑愛心, 待人要有憐憫心,父母身上盡孝心。 治服老我下狠心,不讓撒旦迷惑心,私心貪心疑惑心, 還有不冷不熱心,別存貪戀世俗心,這都不討主歡心! 不應再有憂愁心,常懷喜樂盼望心。弟兄姐妹要當心, 天天察看自己心。時時存著客旅心,被提時存無愧心!

Random Thought

God does not give us everything we want. However, if we choose Him, we will have joy in everything we do.

A Good Day

Got up early, got to the office early (~10AM), went back early (~7:30PM), got good stuff done – translation, presentation, transformation, $100K stuff. I’ve been inspired recently by the notion that I should be underloading, not overloading, on my schedule, to keep things as free and empty as possible, so that I can have the […]


今年的圣诞前夕,过得很特别。今年是我第一次穿着诗班的诗袍,在教会的会众前,以及在神的殿中献诗;诗班负责人皓芳姊妹所选的诗歌深具意义,并且教导有才,使我们从不会到会,我们虽技巧有缺却能不断提升,感谢神我们有她带领我们的诗班。 今年的圣诞前夕也是第一次独唱献诗,能在这天献诗,真是莫大的荣幸啊!献的是“圣善夜”(O Holy Night)。之前与钢琴伴奏陈育琪姊妹联系了不少次,感谢主在24日当天顺顺利利地献上诗歌,从中也体会到,若是为主的缘故,并且是以祂喜悦的方式来做,祂必定会赐力量,智慧,与能力来管理自己,克服困难,并且安排美好的结果。 以后再贴录分享分享!