Life after Science One: A Journey in Computation and Creativity

Writer’s note: This blog post was written for the class of Science One 2015/2016, 9 years on after my own experience in Science One 2006/2007. My classmate, Jacob Bayless, is giving a talk to them titled “Life After Science One”, and reached out to me for some perspectives on learning computation. Here’s my piece, for […]

R for Statistics, Python for Data Processing?

I’ve heard this refrain many times. However, the distinction never really made sense to me. R and Python are merely programming languages. You don’t have to do stats in R and data processing in Python. You can do data processing in R, and statistics in Python. What is R? It’s a programming language designed by […]

scikit-learn tutorial

This past Monday, I led a hands-on session at the Broad Institute, showing how to use the scikit-learn API, as well as common coding patterns for running machine learning algorithms on the data. First off, I was totally surprised at how many people signed up for the event – it “sold out” (tickets were free) within […]

Profiling PyPy vs. Python for Agent-Based Simulation

Profiling PyPy vs. Python for Agent-Based Simulation Outline Introduction: Motivation Model description Link to code Environment Setup Performance Python vs. PyPy on one parameter set. Vary number of hosts, record time. Introduction As part of my PhD dissertation, I wanted to investigate the role of host ecology on the generation of reassortant viruses. Knowing myself […]

On the ‘humbleness’ of conference attendees

Conferences are made up of people, just like any other group of human beings grouping together. What makes one differ from another really boils down to the people. I read a tweet recently that described the SciPy 2015 conference as having really ‘humble’ attendees. This was exactly my feeling! It was great to see such […]

SciPy 2015 – Done!

The conference is over! I get to go home now, but I also will miss being a part of the community. Hope to go back next year! Thoughts It was fun to set so many new people from a variety of disciplines. This conference was right in the sweet spot of nerdy-ness and social interaction. […]